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Our Purpose

Preschool is an exciting time for both students and parents. Pepperhill strives to provide young children with a strong educational foundation and a joy of learning as they begin their lifelong educational journey. While guiding our pupils’ social and emotional development, the exposure based curriculum emphasizes reading, writing, language and math. These concepts are presented in developmentally appropriate lessons for each child to allow them to grasp the ideas and internalize them. Special activities such as art, music, science and social studies are also integrated into the learning process. Experience based explorations such as tasting foods from other cultures, learning dances and traditions from other countries, performing science experiments or writing and illustrating stories about things they have learned are encouraged. At preschool we seek to find innovative ways to make learning fun for all our students.

We involve families through conferences, open houses, field trips and special events to allow our students to benefit from communication within our larger Pepperhill family.