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After School

You can rest at work while we do the work.   We pick up your child afterschool and bring them back to Pepperhill; then you can pick them up following work.  Children are served an afterschool snack and offered a vast array of fun activities.  A monthly calendar is given to parents in order to keep you informed as to all the happening afterschool events.  Children have a snack, play, do homework and help keep their own environment in good order.  Being responsible school age children is (an) important part of their development.  Physical activities outdoors, games inside and outside, along with art, drama, cooking and special fields trips make this the place for your child to gain the maximum benefits of an afterschool program.

School age students have their own building separate from the preschool.  They are well supervised and enjoy interacting with our carefully selected staff.  Your child will find the transition from afterschool to summer camp an easy one as several of our staff are also a part of our summer camp.